Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost there . . . end of the semester

I am one final away from finishing my third semester of college. Although I can only take three classes, and therefore, nine credit hours per semester, I am making progress.

I turned in two final research papers yesterday, leaving me with one online final to complete before I can declare, "Finis!"

This morning I am meeting with one of the deans about an incident on campus (officially reporting it), attending the final publications class (the class that publishes the student newspaper), and wrapping up some honor society business (I actually have a long to-do list for Phi Theta Kappa, but finals must come first).

I then get two weeks off before beginning my summer class.

I will also get to work in my garden, finish sewing projects for my family and myself, enjoy some knitting, and spend time with my loving, energetic children, the youngest of which is 14.

Just checking in from Connecticut. Have a great day!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Diary . . .

I have two other blogs that have specific foci, but I really need a place to write random stuff. You know, the stuff that pops into one's head that may or may not have any meaningful place in the world.

I decided it is time to revive this blog for just that purpose.  I feel like I should post a huge sign saying, "Beware!" at the top of every post. Proceed at your own caution. Haha!