Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garden Beauty

Sugar pumpkin vines are growing all over the cattle panel fencing.  Still getting very few pumpkins take but happy to have three so far.  That is three that I don't need to buy, and with canned pumpkin containing PBAs now fresh is best.

And I want those pepitas!

Did find a section of powdery mildew on my vines, though.  I just took a mixture of baking soda in water and wiped the affected leaves.  I have used baking soda on old furniture that had white mildew on it with great results.  Fingers crossed.

The light was just perfect for some beautiful shots of my front garden.  When I need to do little post processing I know the light is just right.

Closer shot of one of the pumpkin vines reaching for the sun, tendrils seeking the next handhold.  I am in love with my pumpkin vines.  I think growing plants that give me and my family food is such a beautiful thing.  Spiritual, really.

First San Marzano tomatoes ripening.  I had more than one with the bulbous part.  Not sure what causes that or if it will affect the tomato flavor or texture.  I shall let you know.

All I know is that I want to grow a lot of plum tomatoes next time.  I need more garden space.  I need more sun in my yard!

Sadly, I had to pull up and throw away the two freebie tomato plants I got from the nursery.  They both showed signs of what I think might be Late Blight.  So out they went.  I am not terribly sad.  I just made room to plant some of my fall planting seeds I received from Annie's Heirloom Seeds.

Tiny tomatoes on one of my deck canned tomato plants.  Lots more flowers and potential tomatoes.  I want to be harvesting tomatoes in October! I can dream, can't I?

Bell pepper plant with four sets of flowers getting ready to open and give me lots and lots of bell peppers.  I love peppers, and I love bell peppers.  I like slices of fresh bell pepper on my hamburgers with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and ketchup.

I pinched the central stalk when I planted it.  So happy to get four producing stalks.  Did I mention that I can't wait to eat one of these?

This Suyo Long cucumber has been hanging down from the beginning promoting a straight fruit.  And it is ready to harvest.  These cucumbers are not growing fast enough for my family.  My boys saw me eating cucumber slices from a bag yesterday and descended like piranha.  I guess I will need to eat my cucumbers in secret if I want more.

I can't quite describe the flavor.  They do not taste like typical grocery store cucumbers, as would be expected.  They don't taste like hothouse cucumbers (which I love).  They have slightly different flavor but the boys all agree that it is pleasant and delicious.

Here is a shot of my tomato bed mess.  Yes, I should have staked them.  The varieties I planted are still going strong out in the yard.  They have left the bed and are growing about 5-6 feet on either side.

Now that I know I can get 6 ft wooden stakes for $1.29 each I will be staking and trellising these guys in the future.

I think I shall dub myself the accidental gardener!

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