Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cotton-Eyed Joe and an Oak Tree

I was not blessed to grow up in Texas, but over the years we did visit family in Corpus Christi, Kerrville and other towns.  One of these visits was magical for me.  I was 15 years old, quiet, awkward, and dreaming, always dreaming.  This particular trip to Texas we visited family in Kerrville.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins -- they were all in abundance and so wonderful.  We rode dirt bikes, went swimming in the Guadalupe, ate fried chicken, and just enjoyed one another.

Then it happened: we went to Crider's in 1975.  This place has been a constant source of joyful memory for me over the years.  I can clearly remember with my romantic 15-year-old memory the boy I met that night (I have absolutely no recollection of who he was).  We danced the Cotton-eyed Joe and I was introduced to Texas culture and what I consider real life.  The cultures of Miami and Kerrville were so different.  I never felt that I had roots in Miami no matter how long I lived there.  Texas was so alive in a real, family-oriented way.  Family mattered, people mattered.

Some of the memories I have of Crider's includes the enormous oak tree in the center of the dance floor.  I remember folks bringing their own bottles as Crider's didn't serve alcohol.  I remember the music and dancing and happiness I saw and felt there.

And guess what I found this morning when I did a search for Crider's?  God bless the internet:  Crider's Rodeo

Crider's is alive and well, bringing Texas joy to any and all who take the time to visit.

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