Friday, June 8, 2012

No Farther Than My Own Backyard

I have always loved a good explore.  I don't go far these days but I really don't need to.  I can step out my front door and spend an hour at the edge of my yard and in my poor flower beds looking for treasure.

Yesterday I took a picture of my evening primrose patch noting that the buds looks like they were on the verge of opening. 

To my delight I found several first blooms this morning.
In the gravelly area between our driveway and our neighbor's driveway I found a nice surprise: wild daisies.  We had a huge area closer to the pond covered in these happy flowers our first year here but they were mowed down before they could go to seed (I cried).  I am so happy to see them coming back, and maybe someday I will buy enough seed to replant that clearing.

The pears are looking healthy and disease free this year.  Last year we got very small but intensely sweet fruit.  This year I thinned the tiny pears when they first appeared so that there were only one or two per branch.  Can't wait to taste these sweeties.

 I was so excited to discover a few milkweed plants.  I believe they are common milkweed but won't know for sure until the flowers open.

Milkweed is an edible plant with medicinal uses as well.  This handful of plants is growing in our old chicken yard among the debris: chicken wire, 2x4's and other rotting framework.  Because I refused to purchase and use pressure-treated wood when we built the chicken yard (2001), I can burn the wood in our fire pit.  I have decided to clean up this area and allow the milkweed to spread.

My most exciting find so far is not just one, but three sassafras trees, very young and very small.  I am in the process of figuring out whether I want to move them or create welded wire cages to protect them from deer.

So much beauty just a few steps from my front door.

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