Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hurricane Isaac in Connecticut

This past week we have had the warm, humid air and rains from the remains of Hurricane Isaac.  While this bad boy devastated parts of Mississippi and Louisiana it brought much-needed rains to other parts of the country including New England.

It rained so much that I had to assist many of my deck containers with drainage, even turning some pots on their sides for a bit.  

What this did, though, was inspire much growth, insane germination rates, and pests to all visit my fall container garden.

Let's see how the garden looked last week:

And now let's see how it looks today:

Three of my kitties decided to pose for me this morning.  They were so cooperative that I had to include them in my pics today.

Boots with broccoli and bok choi
Left to right: Aichi cabbage, spinach, bok choi and red leaf lettuce
Aichi cabbage and broccoli
Red leaf lettuce seedlings
Jalapeno peppers with aphids
Tomatoes and cukes on left and lettuce going to seed on right


  1. WOW! That's amazing, all that growth. I'm glad you put before and after pics. And I love your pumpkin harvest, that photo made me smile. xoL

    p.s. i'm probably going to have to stop commenting because i don't want to publicly link to my Google account (ahem, stalker), but I don't have an open id. If you changed the setting to allow URL comment I could stay part of the conversation....but if you have a reason not to do that, just know I'm reading!

    1. I will figure out how to do that, Lori.

      And those pumpkins make me smile, too. I love sugar pumpkins. Those will be pies!