Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chester Sunday Market in Connecticut

Nearly every Sunday we visit the Chester Sunday Market in Chester, Connecticut.  Chester is located on the west side of the Connecticut River, a picturesque, quaint little town.  But it has a Bohemian flavor that makes it very different from most New England towns.  I think this is what appeals to me so much and draws me to this particular farmer's market.  Enjoy a few pictures from two weeks ago.  Only 4 more Sundays until Chester Sunday Market is finished for the year.  I will truly miss it.

Chester closes down their main street each Sunday

One of the two organic farms represented -- just lovely

Live music every Sunday

I'm not sure those tomatoes went over the 1/2 hour limit

Two of the interesting eggplants

Heirloom eggplant

My favorite wildflower honey

Paw paws
Okay, I want to make this!

A new addition to the market -- that is my boys' pizza in there

Never too many peppers
Gorgeous cut flower bouquets 

Looks like a zinnia -- love these happy flowers

I hope you get a chance to visit a few of your farmer's markets before the season ends.  Happy Wednesday!

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