Sunday, July 15, 2012

And then there were fences!

Waited until 4 pm to get the boys outside with me to put up a fence around the backyard garden and redo the fence around the front yard garden.  My timing was perfect.  It started raining. 

New trellis
Since it was warm we just dived in to the project by first rebuilding the trellises for my cucumbers and peas.  For each we pounded a 6' wooden stake inside the garden beds and nailed the stake to the 4x4" supports.  Pulled out the metal stakes and wrapped the existing chicken wire along with the plants growing on them around the wooden stakes and the new trellises are taller and more stable than the old ones.  They look better, too.

Backyard garden with a house-shaped fence
Next we laid out the cattle panels around the garden and realized that four panels would not be big enough.  Daniel then suggested a house shape (can't really call it pentagonal since the angles are not all equal).  I didn't quite get it at first but as we laid out the remaining panels it made perfect sense.

Front garden properly fenced
Finally, we moved and put in stakes for the front yard fence.  Tomorrow I will tie the panels together except one corner which will be my gate. 

I wish I could see that doe when she comes by for a late-night snack tonight.  Just hoping she doesn't decide to jump the fence. 

We all ended up soaked to the skin but the job is done and I feel a LOT better.  Thanks boys!

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