Monday, August 6, 2012

August garden

    My deck garden gives me so much hope.  I still forget to check it some days but so far it is thriving.  The two free tomato plants that I got from a feed store in a nearby town are gone.  I pulled them up and tossed them as they were showing signs of Late Blight.  Next year I will not bring any tomato plants home from anywhere.  I just won't take that chance.

    These little tomatoes (left) are from one of my homegrown plants started in February and planted in tomato cans.  They are tall, not terribly full plants but it looks like they will be producing tomatoes and that is all that counts.

Yellow squash
    I absolutely love, love, love summer squash: yellow, zucchini, any and all of them.  I have been frustrated because my front garden just doesn't get enough sun except for the pumpkin area.  My squash plants have been slow to grow.  Finally, last week, I saw hope of some squash.
Zucchini squash

    I did buy some yellow squash at the farmer's market yesterday and am so glad that I did.  It was simply amazing.  I sauteed green bell peppers and summer squash and served it over short grain organic brown rice for dinner last night along with fresh ears of corn (for the boys -- I don't like corn).
    I have four zucchini plants.  This is the first fruit I have seen since I planted these 8 weeks ago.  I have a neighbor who makes the most amazing zucchini relish, and to be honest, I look forward to making some of this myself this year.  I will wait until the end of the zucchini harvest when we are all sick of zucchini and they are getting bigger and bigger because we don't want to eat anymore and just leave them in the garden.  And stuffed squash -- oh the possibilities.
Do watched pumpkins ever grow?
Just a little excited to see my first pumpkin starting to show just a little orange coloring.  I couldn't remember how long this guy has been growing so I checked and apparently this pumpkin was pollinated July 14th.  I cannot believe how quickly these pumpkins grow.  My boys wanted to set up my camera on the tripod and take time-lapsed shots to see if we could "see" it grow overnight.

My first and largest pumpkin

Joey's pumpkin -- growing so quickly

Dragonfly sunning
Bartlett Pears

My little bit of the sub-tropics here in Connecticut.  My hibiscus bush is about 8 feet tall now.

Requires no maintenance, pruning, nothing, it just blooms year after year.

Just perfect!

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