Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deck Garden - Finishing Up

Overnight, my deck garden recovered from the trauma of transplanting and perked up greeting the strong morning sun. I just had to capture this beginning.

I love to look back at where my garden started, the bare dirt, the tiny plants, the hope of something delicious and nutritious. 

Yesterday I got a great start on putting my fall deck garden together, moving this plant from the big container to its own container, giving all of the plants more room to grow.

Today with the early fall sunshine encouraging my little plants to do something grand, it just created a sense of excitement. 

I had already walked around my gardens in the front yard and back.  I had already plucked numerous cherry tomatoes that tasted like pure delight into my mouth (must get my Vitamin C, right?).  I had picked the last of the Cosse Violette bean pods from the front garden that had dried up and removed the beans to preserve for seed.  I had already picked at least 15 pounds of pears.  I had already watered my garage container garden noticing that the snow pea plants were about 6-8 inches already and reaching through the last of the bean plants in that container.  The pods on those plants still being quite purple I must leave the plants in place.

A nice surprise is how quickly the Dwarf Bok Choi grows.  My plants are only a couple of weeks along and they are already getting some thickness to the stalks.  I can see planting these many times throughout the fall and winter bringing them into the house at night.

After planting red leaf lettuce, spinach and Aichi cabbage seeds in hanging baskets, I took some pictures to share.  Enjoy!

Calabrese broccoli and bok choi (center)
Aichi cabbage

Dwarf  Bok Choi
Snow peas, bok choi and jalapeno peppers
Red cabbage
Red leaf lettuce, spinach and Aichi cabbage seeds sown

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